Narrow Gate Drafting and Design is a two-fold endeavor:
1) to output quality engineering, drafting and design services for our clients
2) to facilitate our hope to love others as we have been so loved.

Our lifestyle in beautiful Colorado does include the abundance of outdoor activities found in our backyard, from mountain biking to snowboarding, and the list goes on …

But we have discovered a greater passion than the outdoors: OUR NEIGHBORS. This may seem sort of ordinary or, perhaps, even mundane but maybe that’s just the point.

During the first 5 years we lived in Breckenridge, we were filled with the purpose to impact the lives of the ‘next generation’ –  youth, primarily ages 10-18. We were granted an amazing platform by which to give of ourselves. We have been blessed to have a legacy through young lives impacted, shaped and, often, transformed. However, when a new youth – our son, Hanani – was born in June 2012, we experienced a shift in our daily lives, the dynamic within our marriage and within our life’s path (as most everyone with children is familiar with).

This greatly expanded when our long held hope and dream to adopt children started with taking the risk to love two foster children younger than our very young son. We have ridden the roller coaster of “the system” with them for 20 months and counting and by God’s grace we will be able to adopt them in the coming months. We are amazed at the good news that this is for them, for us and for everyone who meets them. We thank God for rescuing them because he delighted in them!

All along the way, we also just hope to be people who build up our “neighbors” where ever we find them – neighbors, really, of all ages and backgrounds. Something unique to Summit County is the fact that ‘the nations’ come here each season – every people, creed and dialect imaginable, it seems. We are used to saying good-bye as people come and go. One thing that has been revealed to us over time is that no matter how long someone is in our lives we can invest in them via consistent community involving the sharing of meals, listening to one another and to God, opening the scriptures of the Bible and praying for each other’s needs. In these ways, love is imparted powerfully, people are remembered in their struggles and hearts are encouraged. Then, as they take the leap from this ‘stepping stone’ place into the next place & season of their lives, we hope that they are blessed for having been here.

Thanks to our amazing clients who utilize the technical services of Narrow Gate Drafting and Design, we are able to invest in others and witness lives transformed year after year – including our own.  To add to our commitment, 10% of all earnings are donated to like-minded organizations in our community and around the world.

If you ever have any questions about our efforts to care for those less fortunate than us, feel free to ask!  We’d love the opportunity to share about this wonderful passion of ours.